Sunday, April 9, 2017

Behavioral Problems in Dogs

Dogs like to dig, and you'll need to train them to get them to stop. You need to catch your dog in the act to stop digging. Say "no" and distract him with a toy. Scolding him after he's already dug a hole doesn't work -- this is all about being consistent when they're digging, not afterward. Give him a sandbox where he can dig. Then bury some favorite toys and watch him have fun digging them out.

Dogs, especially puppies, explore the world with their mouth. They like to chew because it calms them. But it's destructive and could lead to them eating things that they shouldn't -- like socks that could block their intestines. Break this habit right away. Give your dog chew toys, and give them to him when he chews things he shouldn't.

You can prevent this by never giving your dog food from the table. If you don't give him table scraps, he won't learn to beg.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Common Causes of Upset Stomach

There are many reasons Dog/Cat may have a disturbed stomach, however there's one normal cause: he ate something he shouldn't have. Vomiting and diarrhea are signs that a dog’s body is trying to expel something that shouldn’t be in their system. In a healthy dog, it’s a protective mechanism of the body that’s totally normal.
Stress may also trigger an upset stomach, as can bacteria imbalances in the gut and food sensitivities, which are most likely caused by dog’s diet. Diarrhea and vomit are the most obvious signs that dog’s stomach isn’t feeling right, but you should also keep an eye out for fatigue and loss lost of appetite. Your dog may gulp a lot to combat reflex, lick his lips, or even lick the air or objects, too. If he’s nauseous, you may also see him eat grass in order to soothe his stomach or try to induce vomiting.
An upset stomach once in a while is normal in dog, but when a dog suffers often, it could signal that something is wrong in his gastrointestinal tract.In that case look at your dog’s diet and staying away from foods that may create inflammation because of a food hypersensitivity, like chicken, lamb and venison. Instead, choose meats like beef, buffalo, and fish that shouldn’t irritate your dog’s GI tract. To  maintain a healthy dog gut, you can also consider giving him a pre and probiotic.

When dog’s stomach is trying to get rid of something, it can be helpful to stop putting more things in his stomach for 12 to 24 hours. Fasting for that long is absolutely fine for the dog.

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Savannah Cats

The Worlds Tallest Domestic Cat Breed are a spotted domestic cat breed started in the 1980's. Developed to give the impression of grandeur and dignity of an wild cat with a cheetah type appearance, expressive eyes highlighted by dark tear stains, vibrant coat colors, solid contrasting black spots, huge sonar-like ears and long legs. Since 2006 they have held the Guinness Book World Record for the world's tallest domestic cat.
Breed Standard 
Calls for all traits to mimic those of it's ancestor the African Serval. The goal of the Savannah Cat Breed is to obtain a well rounded temperament yet wild-looking breed that makes a suitable alternative to a exotic pet.
  • Lifespan:  12-20 years
  • Weight:  12-25 pounds
  • Exercise:  Medium/High
  • Hypoallergenic:  No

Health Issues
Are not specific to the breed at this time. Genetic testing is crucial to avoid development of breed specific ailments long term. Reproduction is very difficult and fertility rates are low. Litters average 1 to 3 kittens. Intact cats are often infertile due to genetics. Intact cats are extremely selective, pairing only with those it is raised with from kitten-hood.